Saturday, May 16, 2015

Everyone is a Mirror Game

Are you good at games?
Let's play a game. Let's play the Everyone is a Mirror Game.

The instructions
1. You pick anyone/everyone and you treat them like a mirror, and you find 1 thing that he/she is or has done that you have done, or do, or are/was. 
2. The next step is to continuously find more deeper and deeper points.
3. Then you challenge yourself by picking the people you resist the most, the people you judge/say are so unlike, people that you react or dislike, and you find something that you are or have been that they are, or at least how you perceive them to be.

You do this with everyone/anyone. The people you think about, everyone you have ever met. Make sure that you are willing to see them, in your mind without resistance, because you have seen that yes, I have done the same as you, somewhere, somehow.

This is one of my favorite games, and is fun. It is challenging, especially when you get to people that you don't like. In essence the philosophy that is operating here is that everyone is the same, or everyone is a mirror for you. Everyone simply reflects back to you, yourself. Are you good at games?

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