Saturday, May 16, 2015

Everyone is a Mirror Game

Are you good at games?
Let's play a game. Let's play the Everyone is a Mirror Game.

The instructions
1. You pick anyone/everyone and you treat them like a mirror, and you find 1 thing that he/she is or has done that you have done, or do, or are/was. 
2. The next step is to continuously find more deeper and deeper points.
3. Then you challenge yourself by picking the people you resist the most, the people you judge/say are so unlike, people that you react or dislike, and you find something that you are or have been that they are, or at least how you perceive them to be.

You do this with everyone/anyone. The people you think about, everyone you have ever met. Make sure that you are willing to see them, in your mind without resistance, because you have seen that yes, I have done the same as you, somewhere, somehow.

This is one of my favorite games, and is fun. It is challenging, especially when you get to people that you don't like. In essence the philosophy that is operating here is that everyone is the same, or everyone is a mirror for you. Everyone simply reflects back to you, yourself. Are you good at games?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Who you are within is who you are without

So in demonstrating this principle: Who you are within is who you are without, I will use a practical example.
Something I have done throughout my life is to try to take responsibility for other people, a practical example is in what they learn, what they do, whether correctly or not.
What I have seen within me is that I accept and allow the mind to take responsibility for me.
So the within is creating the without.
So in every small moment where I look to the mind to give me answers, feedback, information, observations, I am not taking responsibility for me. By doing this, I live out, consequently, the taking of other people's responsibility.
Who I am, determines what I do.
So why is this harmful? Practically it is not possible to take the responsibility for another person in who they are. The same goes with the mind. Practically, the mind cannot take responsibility for me. So what happens when we try to live this way? The result is that we bring about disruption in ourselves and each others lives. We do not operate well when we are not the ones taking responsibility for ourselves individually. It is simply not an effective or efficient way to live. We will always be less than what we can be. The solution then is simple, to take responsibility for ourselves/myself. To not be in a state where our first reaction is to seek for someone else or something else's support/answer. But instead our first RESPONSE is to find a solution/answer to the problem by looking at the problem, and seeing if there is a solution. This is something we each can do. And when we stop doing this, we forget we can do this, and we become trusting and dependent on something or someone else. We then become the word disempowered, simply because we have separated ourselves from our power or ability to solve problems and provide answers from simply looking at problem. If you look back into your earliest memories, you might see what I mean, especially if you have forgotten this ability of yours. You can easily see it in young children. Every child learns an entire language, all without being taught how to.