Thursday, September 25, 2014

We are all dots connected to one another

Everything in existence can be made into a point. So I am a point, the television is a point, the neighbor’s dog is a point, etc… We and everything are points. Each point has a relationship with all the other points. You can image a blank page with many black dots, and lines connecting all the dots to one another. The lines are our specific, individual relationships. Who we are, and perhaps the totality of who we are is determined by all of our relationships. In addition, our relationship to ourself is a direct reflection of our relationship with all the points. So if there is self-anger, that will be reflected in all the relationships, for example. You can observe for yourself, and reflect on your own experiences to see whether this is the case for you.
The realization that all one has to do is focus on one’s relationships to everything, simplifies things, at least for me it does, because I am aware now how how I relate to my mom, my dogs, etc… whoever or whatever is really reflecting me, myself. That’s useful especially if one is interested in finding our who one is. You know, that eternal question, who am I? haha.
It also supports me to see the bigger picture, that we are all just points, and we relate, individually, to everything equally. That’s pretty cool. 
 What can we take practically from this observation? 
-We must examine our relationships closely with all things, people, animals, plants etc... in order to find out who we are. 
-How I act, how I talk, how I speak, behave, what I observe, all of what happens in the moment as me, reflects who I am.
-If I were to change who I am, this means literally changing how I relate to everything, so that requires an examination of my relationships.
-I realize that the "other" in the relationships, so all the other dots that exist, don't have to change, because by me changing I already change our relationship, which is a line that is between us. I realize that this may inevitably cause change in all the points I relate to, because we do share a line and that line has changed.

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